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Activities on Lesvos

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There are many different ways to enjoy an active or sporting holiday on Lesvos. In addition to countless hiking options on marked paths, or cross-country, you can explore the island on bicycle (preferably on a mountain bike), on a horse or donkey, and of course by boat.

You want to find Yourself on Lesvos! DiSa-Travel now also offers yoga sessions and week holidays.

Discover secret places, stunning scenery and amazing ancient sites and enjoy daily yoga and meditation on this most beautiful island.  Delightful accommodation in tranquil olive grove next to the sea combined with delicious local cuisine. 

No matter which activities on Lesvos you choose, the trips, tours and excursions are always exciting and show you our favourite places on the island. DiSa-Travel take care to provide a smooth and safe event ensuring that each individual’s needs or wishes are considered as much as possible.

A transfer or pick up from your accommodation is not always included in our offers, but can be arranged with you on request.

Have fun with your activities on Lesvos and enjoy the beauty of the island!

Last but not least: for all tours we recommend you have travel insurance including health or accident cover and additionally for all hikers that you ensure your insurance covers this activity, since DiSa-Travel cannot accept any liability in this respect.  The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) covers you only for medical care at the same level as local people, which may not be the same as you are used to at home.

…and here you can find our week holidays and package.


Lesvos – experience our authentic island ! Our trips on Lesvos – private or in small groups - will bring you on idyllic paths  to amazing beaches, charming mountain villages and ancient cultural sites, that mainly only the locals know. Action and fun is guaranteed.walking Lesvos,tour Lesvos, accommodation Lesvos, holiday homes Lesvos, activities Lesvos, excursions Lesvos, bird watching lesvos

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