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Refugees on Lesvos


Due to the political development, the situation with refugees and asylum seekers on the island of Lesvos has significantly relaxed.

For months, no more boats have arrived on the island. Some organizations and volunteers are still on site and support the approximately 2,500 people who are living in the camp at Moria.

The beaches are clean, the mountains of lifejackets are gone, the port of Mytilini is cleaned up and the city is beautiful and lively as ever.

Lesvos is a big island.  Even when there were many refugees arriving on the island they were only in a limited area from the northeast coast travelling down to Mytilene.  Our southern part of Lesvos and the west saw no refugees at all.

The problem is certainly not solved, but the situation on the island of Lesvos is fortunately as it was before: beautiful, hospitable and authentic!