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Holiday homes on Lesvos

A hotel room or even a studio/apartment is probably not the right choice for everyone visiting Lesvos. If you enjoy a bit more independence, doing your own cooking sometimes and strolling through local markets to buy fresh ingredients (as we do), or perhaps even going to see the fishermen in the harbour early morning to buy some of their catch of the day (we also love to do this), then a house with a well equipped kitchen can be a good choice.

Maybe you like just a little bit more privacy and enjoy your coffee or a glass of wine during sunset in "your own" garden?  Perhaps you just like a little more space than a room or studio can provide.

A self-contained holiday home on Lesvos has some obvious advantages. When you travel with your family or a group of friends it might even be a cheaper alternative to separate rooms or studios.

Therefore, we offer some beautiful holiday homes (as we consider them) in different regions of Lesvos: located close to the sea, in a traditional little town or an authentic mountain village. Browsing through the descriptions and photographs you will see that these are all charming places with flair. For more information please visit our new website www.lesbos-holidayhome.com

Please contact us if any of these houses attracts you, or if you have any further questions.


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