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Tours and excursions on Lesvos

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Lesvos is a beautiful Greek island and DiSa-Travel would like to show you, through our tours and excursions, as many facets of the island as possible. You can find here a variety of guided tours, some of them combined with boat trips – in all areas of the island.

Experience the authentic Lesvos!

DiSa-Travel takes you to our favourite places on the island. Some of these little, secret gems are not well known and not many tourists find them.  DiSa-Travel will also take you to the “must see” places on the island – but we prefer the hidden, remote beauties.

You can expect interesting tours, which will show you everything worth seeing, but also leave enough time for swimming and relaxation. Of course we are not leaving out a chance to sample traditional tasty food and drinks, especially on the longer trips.

We usually meet you at an easy to find and central location. However, if you want a pick-up from your accommodation DiSa-Travel will be happy to organize this. If you have any special requests or if you are interested in different arrangements, we can be flexible and will gladly discuss any options.

You would like to drive your own car on the trips? No problem, you can just hire us as a guide. In this case we join you in your car, organize the trip and show you everything worth seeing along the roads. Price on request – please contact us.

You will find further recommendations (eg. appropriate clothes for a monastery visit) at the description for the respective hike.

Last but not least: for all tours we recommend you have travel insurance including health or accident cover and additionally for all hikers that you ensure your insurance covers this activity, since DiSa-Travel cannot accept any liability in this respect.  The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) covers you only for medical care at the same level as local people, which is not the same as you may have at home.