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The Hot Springs of Polichnitos

The Hot Springs of Polichnitos are well known and highly appreciated by locals and visitors. The facility consists of two bath houses built during the Turkish occupation, modernized more recently, the original ancient buildings, the wells and springs outside and a beautiful old three-arched bridge worth seeing. The healing and relaxing effect of the thermal water is remarkable. Clear and odorless water comes out of the ground at a temperature of 67 to 92 degrees. It is rich in minerals and said to be effective against a number of diseases and ailments. The quality of the thermal water is comparable to the famous mineral springs of Wiesbaden in Germany or Bath Spa in England.

There are two baths (men and women separately) with water cooled to about 41 C. On request and subject to availability, you can also have a private bath (for a group or couple). Even without the need for physical disabilities the bath is wonderful relaxing. A shady cafe offers drinks and snacks. The shop has a good selection of local spices, herbs, cosmetic creams, soaps, teas, honey and other delicacies. Entrance fee: 4 € per person for the bath (children 3 €), a private bath is 5.50 € per person.

Opening hours:

Daily 3pm - 8pm

Saturday 2pm - 8pm

Sunday 10am - 8pm

Olive Press Museum of Papados

In the mountain village Papados you should visit the Olive Press Museum, constructed of local marble and stone. The press was built by Nikolaos Vranas, the grandfather of Greece’s famous poet Odysseas Elytis, one of the first steam-powered olive oil presses on the island. It was completely restored and converted into an interesting museum in 2009. Here you can learn all there is worth knowing about the traditional production of olive oil on Lesvos. You also have the chance to purchase some excellent olive oil or olive oil products in the museum shop.

Opening hours:

9am – 7pm summer

9am – 4pm winter

Closed on Mondays.

Entrance: 3 €

Barbayannis Ouzo Museum

The most famous local product is the ouzo distilled in Plomari’s renowned distilleries, notably Barbayannis, which are considered by many to be the best in Greece. Barbayannis, on the road to Ag. Isidoros, has an Ouzo Museum where we can learn about the 150 years Barbayannis family history of ouzo distillation in Plomari.

In the museum visitors can see the original equipment used to bottle and label the famous Ouzo Barbayanni Blue, as well as the first alembic, constructed in 1858 in Constantinople, used for testing century-old secrets and techniques, and to compose the recipes of the Barbayannis family. The Museum respectfully embraces tradition and is the home of the secret of the quality and taste found in Ouzo Barbayanni.

Opening hours:

1. April – 15. Oktober Monday to Friday -  9am to 4pm

16. Oktober bis 31. March - Monday to Friday -  10am to 2pm

Weekend and holidays upon request.

The entrance is free

The Petrified Forest of Lesvos

The Petrified Forest is one of the highlights of Western Lesvos. This is not the only area where you can find fossilized redwoods, but certainly the most imposing place. The forest of giant sequoias was petrified (a word from Greek – remember Greek ‘petra’ = stone!) about 20 million years ago, buried under ashes by a volcanic eruption. Hot springs watered the trunks with mineral waters, which ultimately led to the petrification. Depending on the light the remaining parts of the enormous trunks shimmer in all imaginable colours. A great sight and a terrific place to wander around!

In Sigri, the most western part of the island you can find the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. The museum was established in 1994 in order to study, research, promote, preserve and protect this invaluable "testimonial" of life in the distant past.

Visitors are welcome to stop in at the museum café for a cup of coffee and a taste of the homemade delights of traditional Lesvian cuisine while enjoying the wonderful view of the Aegean from the café patio – better still, stay a while longer to enjoy a magical sunset.
Selected publications, souvenirs, local food and wine products are sold here as well as local pottery.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday 9.30am to 5pm

Closed on Monday.

Entrance fee: 5 €